Fertilizer Facilities

Storing fertilizers and chemicals have extremely unprecedented qualifications. Are your fertilizer and chemical buildings up to code?

VanderWerff & May Builders Inc. is educated in the requirements needed to store fertilizers and chemicals. Whether you need one chemical building or an entire facility, we can help.

Pictured is an entire fertilizer facility including Dry Storage, Chemical Storage, Maintenance/Shop Building and Office. We can manage your complete turn-key package from excavation through completion. Hire us to help you expand.


Chemical Buildings

Chemical Buildings are government funded projects for all row crop and fruit farmers based on a need to contain spillage/overflow for all pesticides, herbicides, etc. VanderWerff & May Builders Inc. knows that based on government funding, every project has specific and sometimes, unique requirements based on the size of the building & concrete floor. We will help you analyze the size needed for your specific situation.